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Corporate culture

Basic idea

We are a team that is based on honesty and integrity, with an absolute executive power, full of passion, passion for learning, focus, and professional team.

[product] to market demand as the guide, to innovation as the soul, with a good user experience as the center, to provide customers with high quality flash products and solutions.

[brand] with a distinct brand concept and culture as the core, as a brand image, creating a first-class service system.

[the company] in line with the principle of fairness and justice, integrity of the company's employees and partners, pragmatic work, to provide employees with a good working environment and welfare benefits, and can give the staff to create learning opportunities and growth (upgrade) space.

[customers (partners)] customers (partners) of the company in good faith oriented, aggressive and pragmatic decision makers, a good business operation ability, high recognition of the value of security and corporate culture.

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