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Shenzhen city core Safety Navigation Technology Co., Ltd., established in March 2005, the flash memory industry pioneer and example of the value, to high-quality products and excellent service based on the fierce competition in the market. Combined with Samsung, flash Di, Toshiba, Hynix Semiconductor flash memory industry leading companies, relying on high-quality resources, Ann core flight from birth in 2005, is based in Shenzhen, is domestic first do flash memory suppliers, have a good user experience, products to meet market demand and innovation.

Ann core flight grind one sword 10 years, in this decade, we focus Shenzhen large brand mobile phone manufacturers to flash memory supplier service, our customers have Huawei, cool, Lenovo, love Strickland and other. With integrity as the premise, focusing on sound management and long-term development. Security is moving towards globalization, with the advent of the Internet era, we focus on our products and brands.

2009 we have "AIT" has its own brand, in 2015 to create a brand new brand "security," from 2010 onwards, the company continued to force in the high-end, continuous innovation products, continuous market investment to build brand. Let our upstream and downstream partners to obtain long-term, stable and sustainable returns.

In the wind Chinese flash market inferior products, an air core company Zhi Cungaoyuan, "high quality flash leader". Means confidence, persistence, real brand value!


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